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Reliable supply

PetroServ serves Canada’s Far North by sea and remote areas of Quebec, Ontario and Labrador by land. The fuel is delivered from the Petro-Canada refinery, SUNCOR ENERGY (TM Trademark of Suncor Energy Inc.) to PetroServ’s barrel plant, which is located at the Port of Sainte-Catherine, less than an hour’s drive away. PetroServ has one of the most modern and automated facilities in North America.

Through its sister company, PetroLub, PetroServ gives you access to the full line of lubricants designed and manufactured by Petro-Canada, as well as other products needed to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Whether your business is construction, drilling or transportation, PetroServ provides you with the products you need and ships them along with your fuel.


Distribution strategies and delivery execution

Its strong relationships with shippers and carriers enable it to meet its delivery commitments.


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NEAS – Artic Shipping

Desgagné – Relais Nordik


Quality Assurance Program
Careful management of barrel filling, handling and location ensures product quality and traceability.

PetroServ’s quality assurance program meets or exceeds Petro-Canada and Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) standards.

Traceability, reliability and speed of execution
The PetroServ team is dedicated to providing the best service in the industry. Every member works meticulously and documents every step in detail.

The customer is thus assured of full traceability of the high-performance products ordered and fast delivery according to his requirements.

Clear labelling
Unequivocal product differentiation reduces the risk of refuelling errors. In addition, the labels comply with standards for the transportation of hazardous materials and hazardous waste and are colour-coded as required.

Facilities at hotspots
The port facilities combined with PetroServ’s supply resources and high-volume drumming capacity allow any demand to be met quickly. PetroServ also has access to all ports along the St. Lawrence River.

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